Meet the Staff – Dr. Baumann


Name: Dr. Melissa Baumann

Title: Director Honors College, Assistant Provost Undergraduate Studies

Hometown: Rural Ohio

How long have you been with the Honors College?

In June, it will be two years.

What’s your favorite class or event offered by the Honor College?

I think they are ALL exciting!

Do you have office hours for students?

No, however if you would like to speak with me please feel free to come to one of our many programs including Cater Porch Talks, Honors Book Club, or any of our events. Plus you are always welcome to join in service with Project Horseshoe Farm, or have dinner with me at one of our Meet the Director events. If all else fails, feel free to call the Honors College and make an appointment.

What’s your favorite Auburn memory?

My first Iron Bowl and watching Chris Davis catch the now famous return – right in front of me.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Auburn Honors?

The best thing, in my opinion, is that academically gifted students have the flexibility to design their own challenging curriculum.

What’s the best advice you can give to an Honors Student?

One: Work hard and get to know faculty. Two: Be open to new experiences including undergraduate research and study abroad. Three: Learn something new!

Do you have any hobbies, and if so name a few!

I enjoy cooking, running, gardening and tap dancing – who knew!


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