Honors Serves help on MLK Day

Recently Honors Serves students spent MLK Day participating in projects with Alabama Rural Ministry.  Below is a first hand account from site leader, Fleur Jones, of what they did:

“First of all, we went to the local food pantry and helped unpack the new food that would be going out to local families. While we were there, some of the kids from an after school group called “Safe Haven,” which is led by Guy Trammel met up with us and helped us with the food. Some of the food we were unpacking would be going to the families of the kids that were with us.

After the food pantry, we drove to the Tuskegee Institute Middle School and marched from there to the statue of Booker T. Washington on the university’s campus. A police car followed behind us so that the kids could have the whole road, and the kids sang a list of songs based on the civil rights movement that they learned at their after school group.

Then, we all went to lunch at the house that is used for “Safe Haven.” Some of the women that volunteer for this group, with a little of my help, got together food for all of the kids in the group and for all of us from Honors Serves.

Finally, we all went to listen to a wonderful woman named Amelia Boynton-Robinson, who is 103 years old and had a big part in getting colored women the right to vote during the civil rights movement. Something interesting is that just days after we met her, she traveled to the House of Representatives and was able to meet President Obama and his wife following the 2015 State of the Union.​”

According to Kelly Merrell, the group also helped finalize the Tuskegee home roofing project by installing felt and shingles on one half of the roof.

image1 image2 image3


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