Mathematics in Turkey with COSAM


The College of Science and Mathematics at Auburn University has established a program in Konya, Turkey with Selcuk University. In this program, students will be exposed to the enchanting Turkish history and culture.

Students will carry out a series of academic and cultural exchange activities, including:

  • Completing the Math 2660 course
  • Participating in a series of short courses including basic Turkish language and Turkish culture/history
  • Visiting some major cultural relics in Konya and in other provinces in Turkey


  • 25 Institutional GPA
  • Minimum grade of D from MATH 1620, MATH 1627, or MATH 1720


Summer 2015:

  • 23 May 2015:Date of group travel to Turkey
  • 24 May 2015:Program start date
  • 15 June 2015:Program end date
  • 16 June 2015:Date of return travel


MATH 2660 – Topics in Linear Algebra – 3 Credit Hours

The application is available at the link below:


Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey, officially called the Republic of Turkey, tries to be a bridge between West and East. The portion of Turkey’s land in Europe may be small (about 5 percent), but the country’s largest city, Istanbul, is there. With nearly 13 million people, Istanbul is the third most populous European urban area, after Moscow and Paris is known as having a long history with ancient cultural practices. In fact, the Anatolian peninsula (on which most of modern Turkey sits), is considered one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world. Around 1200 B.C.E, the Anatolian coast was settled by various Greek peoples and the important cities of Miletus, Ephesus, Smyrna and Byzantium (which later became Istanbul) were founded. Byzantium later became the capital of the Roman and Byzantine Empires.

The Asian part of Turkey is dominated by the dry plateau of Anatolia; the coastal areas of Anatolia consist of fertile lowlands. Mount Ararat, the highest point in Turkey at 5,137 meters (16,854 feet), is the biblical resting-place of Noah’s ark.

Turkey’s economy is considered to be strong and rooted in industry, agriculture and trade. The mainstay of each is:

Industry: Textiles, food processing, autos, mining, steel, petroleum
Agriculture: Tobacco, cotton, grain, olives; livestock
Exports: Apparel, foodstuffs, textiles, metal manufactures, transport equipment

For some more interesting facts about Turkey please visit   and



  • Konya City tour (½ day)
  • Mevlana Sema show (a Saturday evening)
  • Cappadocia (one full day)
  • Catalhoyuk (½ day)
  • Antalya (2  days & 1 night)
  • Istanbul (4 days & 3 nights)

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