2015 Study and Travel

Travel the World with Honors

Spring 2015 Study and Travel Opportunities

Panama | May 10-24, 2015

This two-week course is intended to give you a general understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on Panama´s environmental resources. Through a mix of lectures, hands-on laboratory exercises and field trips, you’ll explore the direct and indirect effects of a changing climate on water resources management in the rich tropics of Panama, led by faculty in the Department of Geology and Geography, and School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Instructor: Chandana Mitra | Cost: $3,150 + air fare.

Vienna, Austria | June 20- July 25, 2015

This program is a great opportunity to take core World Literature II credit and finish one year of Foreign Language study in the summer. Participants will study at the Austo-American Institute directly across from the Viennese Opera House and will be taught by either faculty in the Department of English or an instructor native to Austria. Instructor: Phillip Beard | Cost: $5,000 + air fare.

Year-Round Study and Travel Opportunities

Oxford Study Abroad Programme

With this program you will attend Oxford and take tutorial-style courses with Oxford faculty. While there, you will have the same experience as full-time Oxford students by living and taking your tutorials at Christ Church, New College, Trinity or University College. This program will be available all year round. Students must have relevant background in the subjects that they wish to study, so please contact the Honors College for more information.

EuroScholars Program
EuroScholars is a special research based study abroad program for advanced students to conduct research at top-rated institutions while taking a language and culture courses. You’ll have the option to study at one of nine European Research Universities across Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands. This research is undertaken over an entire semester (summers are excluded), working one-on-one with faculty and all majors are welcome.

Study and Travel scholarships are available, for more information about these experience, please contact: Ken Thomas.


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