Meet the Staff – Dr. Ken Thomas


Name: Ken Darrie Thomas

Title: Honors Lecturer in Biosystems Engineering

Hometown: Siparia, Trinidad & Tobago

How long have you been with the Honors College?

I have been with the Honors College approximately 4.5 years. Time certainly flies by! I came to Auburn saying I will be here for just one academic year and here I am in my fifth year.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Auburn Honors?

The students! They are the ones that have kept me here at Auburn way past my one year plan. I decided to take this path into Honors Education a few years ago because I wanted to work with some of the most talented undergraduate students and the members of this Honors College have not disappointed.

Briefly, what do you do for the Honors College?

My responsibilities in the Honors College are primarily teaching, social affairs and some administrative duties. I teach myriad types of courses inclusive of seminars, book clubs, lycea and study & travel. Under the social affairs umbrella I am involved with coordinating and implementing The Honors College Land Grant Lecture Series: k(no)w poverty?; Conversations with The Director; The Honors College Film Series; Week of Service for incoming freshmen; and working with the various student organizations within the Honors College to attain their missions. My administrative duties include coordinating the Study & Travel trips as well as completing the faculty roster for accreditation purposes.

What’s your favorite class or event offered by the Honor College?

It is very difficult for me to choose one course or event. I have so many choices competing in my mind for first place. Since I’m being forced to choose I’ll say Honors Book Clubs. Having taught a Caribbean Book Club for a few semesters now, I must say I love the interplay that students have with each other in a fun and discussion-based setting. As a participation course, students actively participate and give their differing points of view which make for an unpredictable and fun interdisciplinary classroom environment.

Do you have office hours for students?

I do have office hours but they are in the Biosystems Engineering Department. My office hours are 9-11 am on Tuesday’s in 213 Corley Building. Most other times you can find me in Cater Hall. I have an open door policy and will happily meet with any student once I am available. Students are also welcome to email me to set up an appointment.

What’s the best advice you can give to an Honors Student?

Challenge yourself! Your Honors experience is totally what you make it and should be driven by a pure purpose for being a member of the Honors College. Challenge yourself to find that purpose and to live with that intention in mind during your college years.

Do you have any hobbies, and if so name a few!

Anyone who knows me knows that I addicted to shopping, especially in New York City, my second home. I enjoy looking at tennis and collecting vintage luggage.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way to contact me but feel free to drop by or call if that is more comfortable or easier for you.


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