Meet Our Staff – Molly Jenkins

molly small

Name: Molly Jenkins

Title: Academic Advisor

Hometown: Freeport, IL

 How long have you been with the Honors College?

Since February 2012

 Briefly, what do you do for the Honors College?

I advise Honors students on the Honors College curriculum, assisting them with their major/minor decisions, and finding the best way for them to complete the Honors College curriculum. I also help students find resources they may be in need of across campus and answer a myriad of questions about Auburn, Graduate School, careers, etc.

 What’s your favorite class or event offered by the Honors College?

I love the Honors Seminar classes: it’s always exciting for me to set up classes and see what interesting Seminar topics Auburn faculty are offering for that upcoming semester.

 Do you have office hours for students?

M-F 7:45-11:45 and 12:45-4:45

Appointments can be made on our website, but walk-in’s are welcome too.

What’s your favorite Auburn memory?

The Auburn vs. Alabama game of 2013 – one of the best endings for a college football game I’ve ever seen

 In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Auburn Honors?

The students – we have such a diverse population that I am always in awe of the types of students I have the privilege of working with each day. They are so many inspiring students that I wish everyone could do what I do.

 What’s the best advice you can give to an Honors Student?

Don’t let others make your decisions for you. I see so many students that give up too quickly or aren’t happy with choices that they have made based on what they have heard, or been told to do, from other people. Be intentional with your decisions, but do so after you have gathered all of the information. I hate to see others have regrets because of this.

 Do you have any hobbies, and if so name a few!

Running and working out in general, playing volleyball, baking and cooking, and reading (when I can).

 What is the best way to contact you?

Email me as I check that most frequently, even when I am out of the office.


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